How to use my gift card ?

1-Make your choice of visit among all the factory visits, the walking tours, the backstages of great shows, the cruises on the rivers and canals…
2-Add your choice in the basket
3-Pass the order and write your voucher code in the « Voucher » square. Do this as many times as you have gift codes to use.
4-Login or create an account
5-Validate your order

The « BON-CADEAU » can be completed if needed by another payment method. For any amount under 10€, repayments or account credits are NOT possible.

The gift card is:

.Usable as one or several unique code(s) of 10€
.Valid 1 year
.A payment method (it doesn’t give access to visits without booking!)

If you have difficulties using your « BON-CADEAU », contact us.