When will I be informed of the meeting point for the tour I have booked ?

You will receive all practical information as an attachment to an e-mail once you have paid.

Is it an obligation to book to take part in a tour ?

Yes it is, because of the low capacity of each tour.

How to book a tour ?

Browse through the tour calendar on the website, check for availability of the tour and add it to the cart. When the tour is in the cart click on the checkout button.

Will I receive my ticket by post ?

No. You will not receive any ticket by post. You will receive the registration confirmation by E-mail once you have paid.

Do I have to print out the registration confirmation to present it on the day of the tour ?

No. Your name will be on a nominative list. You just need to print the details if it is a last minute registration.

Is it possible not to pay by bank card ?

You can pay by cheque. The cheque has to reach us before the tour begins. No payment will be accepted on site.

My payment by bank card failed, can I pay by cheque ?

Yes but first you have to book the reservation once again and choose « Pay by cheque ».

Where can I find the specific and general conditions of sale of Explore Paris ?

You can read the specific and general conditions of Explore Paris on this page.

Can I book a group reservation ?

Please contact us at : groupes@exploreparis.fr

Can I bring my children on a tour

It depends, please consult the description of each tour. Check out the list of visits in Paris with kids.

Can I be reimbursed if I do not take part in a tour I have booked ?

You only can be reimbused if you cancel more than 15 days before thedateof the tour.

Who can I contact if I do not find my answers in these FAQ ?

You can contact us here.