The Great Mosque of Paris - Virtual tour

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This videoconference offers you to discover the Great Mosque of Paris.

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The Great Mosque of Paris - Virtual tour
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This visioconférence, lead by a licensed tour guide named Ivan, invites you to discover the Great Mosque of Paris throughout lost of pictures and documents.

This mosque is the oldest and the most famous in the western world. This mosque is a magnificient exemple of Spanish-Moorish architecture inspired by the Alhambra in Granada.

First, Ivan will explain you the context of implantation of this monument located just in the middle of Paris. Why a great mosque in the Latin area ? What are the caracteristics of the Spanish-Moorish architectural style ? The conferencier will be glad to answer all your questions.

Then, you will discover the inside of the monument, looking the huge central patio with a majestic fountain at its center, once reserved for ablutions. Ivan will shows and details you “zelliges”, magnificent mosaics characteristic of Islamic art, which decorate the walls of this patio.

Other pictures will shows you the imposing cedar wood door at the entrance to this patio. This is a rare work made by hand by Moroccan craftsmen and which is adorned with verses from the Koran in Kufic calligraphy.

Your guide will reveal the characteristics and importance of calligraphic art, which is very present in Islamic culture. Then you will discover the huge prayer hall, the nerve center of the mosque, the floor of which is covered with a multitude of Persian rugs with astonishing arabesques.

You will also see the minbar, the oratorical flesh on which the imam stands during the Friday prayer.

The visioconference continues with discovering the library of a thousand Korans. This will be an opportunity for your guide to detail the history and characteristics of this religion. How did this religion appear and in what context, what are the differences between Sunnis and Shiites?

Finally the conference will end by discovering other mosques, more specifically Iranian mosques. Iranian mosques are pretty differents in their way to be built than the Sunnis mosques. It will be an interesting way to emphasize the richness and the diversity of the Islamic culture throughout the world.

This virtual conference, proposed by the guide Ivan Denat, will be carried out with the Zoom videoconference tool.

You will receive the access link to the virtual meeting as an attachment to your reservation confirmation email with all the technical details to access the Zoom tool. It is not necessary to install any application on your computer or tablet to access the meeting, just click on the link.


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The Great Mosque of Paris - Virtual tour

The Great Mosque of Paris - Virtual tour

This videoconference offers you to discover the Great Mosque of Paris.

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