The major places of French Revolution in Paris - Virtual tour

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This virtual conference tells you the major places of French Revolution in Paris.

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The major places of French Revolution in Paris - Virtual tour
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From the Bastille square to the Concorde square, passing by the Conciergerie, the rue Saint-Honoré, the Temple, the Tuileries and other places, Paris was the epicenter of the French Revolution. Some places have kept the trace of it, others have been destroyed, entirely or partially.

Through archival photos, paintings, engravings and writings, you will discover the high places of revolutionary Paris. Stories and anecdotes will allow you to better understand these years that changed the course of our history.

L’Echappée Belle is a company of tour guides and cultural mediators based in Paris.
Since its creation in 1995, it offers many cultural services in Paris and its surroundings

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