Honey tasting at Le Conteur d'Abeilles

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Discover the world of honey and the infinite flavors it can offer through the stories of the Conteur d'Abeilles. 

  • Location: Vincennes
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Access by Public Transport: Métro 1 (Château de Vincennes) RER A (Vincennes)
  • Language: French

Honey tasting at Le Conteur d'Abeilles
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We invite you to discover the treasures that are elaborated in the secret of the hives. 

The extraordinary variety of honeys in a territory depends on the diversity of the landscapes in said territory. Each region of the world has a particular flora likely to produce authentic, original honeys, very different from each other.

Let us take you on an extraordinary journey in the world of bees (from the hive to the plate) through an initiatory tasting of honey.

Located in Val-de-Marne near the Chateau de Vincennes, Le Conteur d'Abeilles was born from a consuming passion and the desire to share the exceptional treasures elaborated by bees: honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly... are known by men since the Antiquity for their multiple and extraordinary properties!

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