Pantin, renewal and gentrification: the new Brooklyn?

Let's guide you through the streets of Pantin, the new Parisian Brooklyn, where the resident types mutations go along with the building brands transformations. 

  • Location : Pantin
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Access by Public Transport : Metro line 5, stop Eglise de Pantin
  • Language : English

Pantin, renewal and gentrification: the new Brooklyn?
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Over the past twenty years, Pantin has embarked on a metamorphosis symbolized by the conversion of iconic buildings such as the Grands Moulins, the Centre National de la Danse (the national center of dance) and, more recently, the Magasins Généraux.

At the same time, major companies have invested in this former working-class bastion: Hermès, BNP, Chanel, BETC...

This development has been followed by a significant gentrification of the southern part of the canal.

As we wander through the streets of its historic heart, along its renovated riverbanks and its trendy third places, we'll try to understand whether this multifaceted city deserves better than its nickname of "the new Brooklyn"!

You will be guided by Tristan Bayle : come discover his other visits about sport or go into the socieconomic questions about Pantin in depth.


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