Street-art tour: a journey through the urban exhibition galleries of Paris 13

Follow the guide, specialist in urban art, in  from Lavo//matik via the Matgoth, Itinerrance, GCA and Frigos galleries, through Spot13 to 13ème Korner, where you can meet the people behind this associative space and its founder-curator Joko.

  • Location : Paris
  • Duration : 2.5 hr
  • Access by Public Transport : Metro line 14, stop Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand or Tramway T3a, stop Avenue de France
  • Language : English

Street-art tour: a journey through the urban exhibition galleries of Paris 13
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Your guide, Sigismond, a specialist in Urban Art in the Paris region, will take you through the stylish, signed streets of the district, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris and among the interventions of major artists on the Parisian scene who punctuate the route.

The aim is to provide anecdotes and biographical details about the artists, as well as a more in-depth look at the history of the discipline and an explanation of its techniques and vocabulary. 

The objective of the visit is not to deliver a lecture. Rather, the goal is to provide keys to the vocabulary of this form of expression that is Urban Art, to spend a convivial time with the guests, to build a team in a benevolent light and ultimately to open our eyes to other presences in the city. The history of the Street-Art movement is evoked and examples are provided, both orally and via the photos in the guide's portfolio.

Here is the overall itinerary : 

- 1st stop: Le Lavo//matik, Gallerie Itinerrance,
- 2nd stop: GCA Galerie
- 3rd stop: Bordalo II, Swoon, Seth,
- 4th stop: Tristan Eaton
- 5th stop: Villeglé, Moyoshi, Invader, Bordalo II
- 6th stop: Doudou Style, Stoul, Jo Di Bona, Ludovic Djeradi
- 7th stop: Les Frigos, Galerie Amarrage, cour intérieure
- 8th stop: in tribute to Gosciny
- 9th stop: Galerie Matgoth
- 10th stop: Spot 13
- 11th stop: La Bretelle
- 12th stop: Le 13Korner

Please note:

- the itinerary may change depending on current exhibitions and the renewal of murals, 

- Works of art and goodies can be purchased on site

Your guide, from the Association Les Arts Fleurissent la Ville, adds value to the city's environment, creates links, circulates language in the public space with interventions that bear witness to urban art, involves the public who live/work nearby, enabling them to build bridges with urban art through workshops or choice of themes, meetings, etc., offers access to living arts such as urban art via visits or other events.

If you like street art and urban culture, check out our dedicated pages on Explore Paris.


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