The Parisian Chinatown

Discover the Chinatown district of the south of Paris with this guided tour. You will learn many things about Asian community of Paris : temples, food, usages.

  • Duration : 2h
  • Access by Public Transport : Place d'Italie (Metro lines 5, 6, 7)
  • Language : English

The Parisian Chinatown
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Come and discover the 13th arrondissement and its large Chinese community, also known as Paris’s Chinatown.

Almost every city has its own Chinatown. Paris' Chinatown has a complex history, with immigrants from mainland China intermingling with those from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Mind that there are no fewer than 4 Chinatowns in Paris, but this is the real one Chinatown we're talking about.

« Chinatown » is home for shops selling exotic fruits and products with mysterious names, but also for restaurants welcoming the local Asian community. Here, the Asian food serve is typical, with unrivalled taste, even in all the city of Paris!

Churches and Asian temples are must-sees during this visit: you will have the feeling to take an exotic trip without leaving France! During the visit, we'll push open the doors of these temples to discover their interiors. 

But there is another side to this district too. The social and industrial history of the area, which led to the construction of this new district in the early 1970s, where the real Chinatown was born, cannot be ignored either.

There used to be a high concentration of tanners here, working leather on the banks of the River Bièvre, which has since dried up. Housing estates stand alongside town villas, offering a glimpse of the working class life of yesteryear. 
Hidden from the rest of the 13th arrondissement, La "Butte aux Cailles" is a small village within the town. Its tiny streets that lead  to a kind of village square give it a unique atmosphere.

Your guide, Guillaume Le Roux, is a passionate about Paris and its history, its secrets, and its development. He is also a foodie and will share all his good addresses in the 13th arrondissement during this visit.

He even has a website – – where he recommends the most typical, delicious, and low-price restaurants in the 13th district. We advise you to check this website, and his other gourmet visits on Explore Paris if you are a lover of good flavours!

This guided tour is conducted in English.


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