Memorial of the former deportation station of Bobigny

Following a vast restoration and development project, the memorial of the former deportation station of Bobigny opened its doors on January 18, 2023. Visit this site with a guide, and discover the only example in France of a railway site used for the deportation of Jews that has remained almost in its original state.

  • Location : Bobigny
  • Access by Public Transport : Bus 151

Memorial of the former deportation station of Bobigny
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From the summer of 1943 to the summer of 1944, the Bobigny train station was the main site for the deportation of Jews from France organized by Nazi Germany with the support of the Vichy government. In 13 months, 21 convoys were organized and 22,500 men, women and children, interned in the Drancy camp, were deported to the killing centers from this station. It is a major site of French memory of the Second World War.

Over several hectares, from the historic entrance to the place where the deportees boarded in the goods yard, the former Bobigny deportation station offers a tour that retraces the history of the place during the Second World War, based on eyewitness accounts and the railway landscape of the time. It allows visitors to learn about the history of the site during the German occupation, the different stages of the deportation and the organization of the convoys, the conditions of transport and arrival at Auschwitz, the implementation of the "Final Solution" as well as the links with the sites of the Bourget and Drancy stations.

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