Time travel: from the 1998 Stade de France to the 2025 Olympic village

Turn back time and discover what the world of sport brings to the cities that host athletes from around the world during this guided tour by Tristan Bayle. During the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Gamesthree cities of the Seine-Saint-Denis will be one of the most important keypoint for sport fans: have a look at the new sport technological facilities and how it will impact the surroundings.  

  • Location : Saint-Denis
  • Duration : 2h
  • Access by Public Transport : Métro Saint-Denis Porte de Paris, sortie Stade de France (ligne 13)
  • Language : English

Time travel: from the 1998 Stade de France to the 2025 Olympic village
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During this two-hour stroll, we'll plunge into the heart of the industrial past of Plaine Saint-Denis and the Pleyel District, to better propel us towards its future.

A quarter of a century after the magic of the 1998 World Cup, the iconic Stade de France will tell us a story that reveals the transformation impact of sports facilities and infrastructures on a neighbourhood.

As 2024 approaches, Seine-Saint-Denis is preparing to host the pinnacle of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with an ambitious vision: to leave a precious legacy for generations to come. It’s against this backdrop that we’ll admiring the Olympic Aquatic Center, dazzling us with its revolutionary technical advances.

From there, we’ll make our way to Carrefour Pleyel, a new hotel and business center, a future urban transport hub and, above all, one of the gateways to the Olympic Village staddling the three communes of Saint-DenisSaint-Ouen-sur-Seine and L’Ile-Saint-Denis. Built under the leadership of the Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques (Olympic works delivery company), or SOLIDEO, it is set to welcome nearly, 14,500 athletes, forming a focal point of the Olympic and Paralympic epic. A real adventure in store!

But what will become of all these buildings after 2024? What will remain of their industrial history? What will be the legacy for the local residents, and what role will the environment play in this project? Follow us to find out…

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