Parisian Père Lachaise cemetery: in the kingdom of celebrities

L'Echappée Belle will take you through the graves of renowned figures of this famous cemetery, a parisian relaxing place in the shade of the big trees.

  • Location : Paris
  • Minimal Age : 7
  • Duration : 1h30
  • Access by Public Transport : Metro line 2 stop Philippe Auguste ou metro line 2 or 3 Père Lachaise.
  • Language : English

Parisian Père Lachaise cemetery: in the kingdom of celebrities
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This cemetery is a garden for the rest of the deads and the pleasure of the livings: 44 hectares in the heart of Paris, with over 12,000 trees: come and discover this haven of tranquillity and open-air museum, home to many famous people, in the shade of the trees

Created by the architect Brongniart in 1810, all the follies of man can be found here: from the simplest tomb to the most extravagant mausoleum.

Here, witness the final resting place of famous "residents", like Champollion, Parmentier, Murat, Musset, Chopin, Balzac, Apollinaire, Colette, Piaf, Bécaud, Montand and Signoret, Jim Morrisson, Alan Kardec and even Héloïse and Abélard, who were there when the cemetery was created to attract the new romantic generation...

It's also an ideal place to evoke 19th-century French statuary: you will learn more about the art of represent animal and human forms in sculpture, true masterpieces, emblematic of the capital.

In short, Père-Lachaise is a veritable catalogue of celebrities from the afterlife!

Join us on this poignant tour of this iconic historic site, where serenity meets eternal memory!

Your guide is from L'Echappée Belle, a company of guide-lecturers set up nearly thirty years ago. They offer a wide range of tours and walks in Paris and the Ile-de-France region. Their guides have a solid background in art history and know Paris inside out. Their tours are lively, full of anecdotes, and they make sure that every participant has a great time.

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