The real name of South Pigalle is La Nouvelle Athènes

Discover Nouvelle Athènes, a neo classical quarter of Paris. A lot of people know Montmartre and its hill, Pigalle and its neon lights, but rare are those who took the time to explore this part of the 9th arrondissement of Paris extending from place Pigalle to the Notre Dame de Lorette Church.

  • Location : Pigalle - Saint-Georges
  • Duration : 2h
  • Access by Public Transport : Pigalle station (line 2)
  • Language : English

The real name of South Pigalle is La Nouvelle Athènes
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Even Parisians don't know that this district is historically known as Nouvelle Athènes, and yet... In 1840, 79 leading artists had declared their domicile here. Quite simply, during the 19th century, the following artists lived or stayed here: Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Théo Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, Paul Gauguin, Franz Liszt, Frédéric Chopin, George Sand, Auguste Renoir, Richard Wagner - it was THE place to be.

Its history is as interesting as its residents: the district was founded in 1815 and became the birthplace of Romanticism in Paris, the artistic movement that originated in Germany. Its history doesn't stop there, however, as in the 20th century Pigalle came to be associated with the craziness, and hustle and bustle of the Parisian nightlife.

The district has undergone radical change over the last 20 years, with its southern part now renamed SoPi for South Pigalle, and becoming one of the epicentres of the Parisian gastronomic scene: it is now  one of Paris’ trendy neighborhood for gastronomy gathering flourishing restaurants and cocktail bars. Yet, the Nouvelle Athènes remained the same, calm and secret, luxurious and intellectual, neither snob nor flashy. This is why the tour will start by explaining to you the contrasts of the neighborhood which keep changing, and you will gradually enter in the Nouvelle Athènes.

But what is the history of this new Athens, which can only be discovered with a guide?

The tour will end in front of the Notre Dame de Lorette Church, located next to the subway.

Your guide, Guillaume Le Roux from Le Vrai Paris, is a passionate about Paris and its history, its secrets, and its development. He is also a foodie and shares all his good addresses in Paris during his visits. He even has a website – – where he recommends the most typical, delicious, and low-price bars and restaurants in the whole Paris.

We advise you to check this website, and the other gourmet visits on Explore Paris if you are a lover of good flavours!

This guided tour is conducted in English.


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