The charming village of "la Butte aux Cailles" and its strong social heritage

During this 2 hours-walking tour, Le Vrai Paris takes you to stroll through this picturesque Parisian neighbourhood, which feels like a charming village. La Butte-aux-Caille has a lot to teach you about Paris's history!

  • Location : Paris 13th arrondissement
  • Language : English

The charming village of "la Butte aux Cailles" and its strong social heritage
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Who can resist the charm of The Butte aux Cailles? This picturesque district, with its many small houses, is the neighbour of Chinatown, but has a very different setting and a unique atmosphere. 

The Butte-aux-Cailles is considered to be a "village-district" of Paris, and holds many treasures of calm and beauty, far away from the tourist crowds.

That said, its tranquil character should not make us forget about its social heritage. This Communard bastion was the Paris district with the highest concentration of charities. In this way, its poor population was at the forefront of social struggles.

As the political and social dimension of this district is little known, your guide, Guillaume Le Roux, would like to share it with you as you stroll through this bucolic environment.

This story begins visually with the omnipresence of street art, a direct witness in the streets of The Butte-aux-cailles.

In short, it's essential to be accompanied by a guide if you want to know how to explore this vast area and discover all the hidden corners that hold a thousand surprises in store for you!

Your guide, Guillaume Le Roux from Le Vrai Paris, is a passionate about Paris and its history, its secrets, and its development. He is also a foodie and shares all his good addresses in Paris during his visits. He even has a website – – where he recommends the most typical, delicious, and low-price bars and restaurants in the whole Paris.

This guided tour is conducted in English.


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