Eiffel Tower Movie tour

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Let’s dive for two hours into the history of the cinema around the Eiffel Tower, the star among the stars, and the district of Passy.

  • Location: Paris 16th district
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Access by Public Transport: Trocadero (metro 6 or 9)
  • Language: English

Eiffel Tower Movie tour
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International movies were shot here until this year, as the movie Mission Impossible has chosen the place for an impressive scene, not far from the location of Inception with Leonardo di Caprio.

You will learn about the beginning of the cinema invented by the Lumiere Brothers and how it can be linked to the Eiffel Tower and the World Exhibitions.
We will also talk about french movies like The Last Metro by François Truffaut or Peur sur la ville with Jean-Paul Belmondo.

What is the story of these so famous places and what cinema is looking for when it uses it will be our main thread.

This tour is managed by Ciné Balade organization.

This guided tour is conducted in English.

Photo credits : CNC.

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