Guided tour of the Museum of Jewish Art and History

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The Museum of Jewish Art and History (mahJ) replaced the Museum of Jewish Art, created in 1948 by survivors of the Shoah. It is housed, since 1998, in Hotel de Saint-Aignan, one of the most beautiful mansions of the Marais neighborhood in Paris. Its great collection features the evolution of the Jewish world.

  • Location : Le Marais - Saint-Paul
  • Duration : 1h30
  • Access by Public Transport : Rambuteau (line 11) or Hôtel de ville (line 1) metro station
  • Language : English

Guided tour of the Museum of Jewish Art and History
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During this guided visit designed for children and adults, you will not only discover the history and the heritage of Jews in France through beautiful artworks, preserved archives and documentation, but also gravestones from a medieval cemetery in Paris. You can discover rich textiles collections, including traditional costumes and jewelry which showcase the great interactions between Mediterranean cultures and the Jews from France. In this tour, travel at the crossroads between art masterpieces and the global history of France from the Medieval Ages to nowadays through the French Revolution!

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