Visit the Paris rooftop vineyard in Le Marais

We will welcome you into the heart of a historic site in the Marais district, right in the heart of Paris, to discover a peaceful vineyard in the heights of Paris and the practices of these particular farmers during this one-hour guided tour.  

  • Location : Le Marais
  • Minimal Age : 5 years
  • Duration : 1h
  • Access by Public Transport : RER B - Métro 1 - Métro 4
  • Language : English

Visit the Paris rooftop vineyard in Le Marais
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Le Marais, one of the most famous districts in Paris, is rich in unusual initiatives. It is the perfect spot if you like finding activities off the beaten track. Generally crowded, it remains some peaceful places in this district, such as the rooftop vineyard. It takes centre stage on the historical and beautiful Napoléon barrack, near the Parisian town hall. It enables urban viticulture development and adding more biodiversity in the heart of Paris.

UrbAgri imagined this pleasant project. This winegrowers association is specialized in crops over building roofs, and permits a maximal optimization of the resources. Taking part in the urban agriculture development and its economical field, UrbAgri wants to tell you the latest secrets of the Paris Le Marais vineyard.

The visit begins with a presentation of the district and the vineyard site.

Then, you will climb the stairs to discover Paris’s first rooftop vineyard, and how this project was made possible. A presentation of the rooftop concept, soils, climate and grape varieties will be given. You'll also learn about the vine's development cycle and the winemaker's work throughout the year.

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