The French Revolution in the Paris Marais

With your guide from Interkultur, dive into the tumult of the French Revolution in Paris, where every stone in the Marais harbours the secrets of an era seething with ideals and revolt.

  • Location : Paris
  • Duration : 2h30
  • Access by Public Transport : Metro line 1 or 5 or 8, stop Bastille.
  • Language : English

The French Revolution in the Paris Marais
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Enter the historical and economic context that led to this transitional period in France, between royal power and the struggle of the population.

Travel back in time to 1789, and follow in the footsteps of the King, Louis XVI, and representatives of the French social classes (nobility, clergy, and the Third Estate) as they deal with debt and moral crisis.

Follow the path of the people on the way to the Bastille, the famous prison that locked up many activists opposed to the royal regime!

During this visit, let’s bring the well-known figures of this historical episode back to life, and enjoy this moment to understand with the guide what led to the French Revolution, known the world over.

This tour will introduce you to many of the men who formed the community of the social struggle, but the women are not to be outdone: the guide will also take you to the first women’s political club, in the church of the 16th arrondissement of Paris.  

Among these great militants and the future soldiers trained at the Place des Vosges that you will cross, you will also meet the illustrious Robespierre and Barras and their houses.

A stop at the museum Carnavalet is a must, to discover its gigantic collection of instruments and various symbolic and authentic objects dedicated to the French Revolution.

You will discover that Paris is full of buildings with secret pasts, some of them very dark, like the Force prison, witness to the massacres of September 1792.

Your final destination will be the town hall, where you can discover the daily life and rise to power of the "Sans-culottes", who faced down the revolutionary government and left their mark on the roots of French social struggles.

The Interkultur team is made up of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, all with one aim in mind: to help you discover Paris and the Great Paris from a historical perspective. Small and large fascinating stories are passed on in order to perpetuate everyone's memory and explain the deep roots of France. 

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