Agnès Varda movie tour

Come enjoy a movie tour in Paris Montparnasse in the footsteps of Agnès Varda, a famous Frenco-Belgian actor-director, filmmaker and screenwriter, with this cine-balade by Juliette Dubois.

  • General and Specific Conditions : Mask and barrier gestures recommended
  • Location : Montparnasse
  • Duration : 2h
  • Access by Public Transport : Metro 13, Gaîté
  • Language : English

Agnès Varda movie tour
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You have probably already watched her films: Jane B. d'Agnès V. (Jane B. for Agnès V.), Sans toit ni loi (Vagabond), Le bonheur (Happiness)… Agnès Varda was a prolific and avant-garde producer who managed to capture the attention of her audience for almost 65 years.

Immediately recognizable with her two-tone hairstyle, her free speech and her warm voice, Agnès Varda was a feminist pioneer in the 1950s and left us as a modern, fanciful granny, always inspired until her 90s.

Through the streets of Montparnasse, we will travel through the locations of her films, and particularly Cléo de 5 à 7 (Cléo from 5 to 7).

As a resident of the neighbourhood for more than 60 years, Agnès Varda liked to say that by understanding people, we understood places better, and that by understanding the places, we understood the people better. So, let's go and discover Agnes and Cléo by viewing extracts from her films and documentaries in open-air settings.

Thanks to her partnership with the Cinetek, a Parisian film library, Juliette will give you a code allowing you to watch a film related to the theme of your cine-tour.

This movie tour is organized by Juliette Dubois, aka Ciné-balade, a French woman with a passion for cinema. If you are interested in discovering new guided tours on the same theme, check out our other offers on Explore Paris.


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