Life of Romani People - A photographic exhibition

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Guided by a lecturer, discover the exhibition Romani Worlds Photographs, an historical exposé on the people formerly called "gypsies". 

  • Disabled Access : Yes
  • Duration : 1h30
  • Access by Public Transport : Porte Dorée (Metro, Tramway)

Life of Romani People - A photographic exhibition
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What does photography say about Roma, Sinti or Kale people? This exhibition proposes a two-fold answer: an anthropological approach for understanding the history of stereotypes associated with these nomad peoples and a series of photos by Mathieu Pernot entitled Les Gorgan, depicting a family followed by the photographer for over twenty years.

The Palais de la Porte Dorée is an exceptional Art Deco complex built for the International Colonial Exhibition of 1931. The Palace has housed since 2007 a museum devoted to the history of immigration in France.


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