Discover Paris Saint-Ouen flea market

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The ultimate meeting for bargain hunters and vintage lovers! Located in the north of Paris, the flea market Paris Saint-Ouen is the place to be for unusual locations and antique lovers. The place perpetuates the tradition of junk dealers and other art dealers, spread over several markets and streets with an inimitable atmosphere.

  • Location : Saint-Ouen
  • Duration : 2h
  • Access by Public Transport : Porte de Clignancourt station (line 4)
  • Language : English

Discover Paris Saint-Ouen flea market
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The Paris Saint-Ouen flea market consists of 15 markets: Antica, Biron, Cambo, Dauphine, Django Reinhardt, Jules Vallès, le Passage, Malassis, Malik, l’Entrepôt, Paul Bert, Rues et brocantes, Serpette, l’Usine & Lécuyer and Vernaison.

They offer classic antiques or restored high end goods such as furniture, paintings, bronzes, art objects or tapestry, mirrors, lights, tableware… But also books, records, postal cards, vintage cloths

Dauphine market opened its doors 70 years after the creation of Vernaison market at the Paris Saint-Ouen flea market. Through the winding alleys of the oldest market, some old postal cards dealers make the historic puces live again, whereas ancient books, photographs or engravings in the booksellers quarter at Dauphine market are located next to art workshops.

You have to discover them with an expert guide, who will reveal the features of each market, and give you the tips of the bargain hunter. He will guide you through the flea markets of old papers, cloths, vintage furniture, and pieces of art. Bargain-hunting is about knowing how to observe and discuss with the merchants, to find the little wonders among junk. It is also to know the resources that offer you the various markets, works transport, food, certificate of authenticity and estimate, expertise.

The Flea market of Paris Saint-Ouen is also an inimitable atmosphere, a journey through time and space, restaurants and cafes where gypsy jazz and traditional French song delight customers.

For those who know how to observe, art is hidden where you do not expect it at the Flea market of Paris Saint-Ouen! Famous street-art artists like local talent have made it their field of expression. Walls, iron curtains and other corners exhibit graffiti and mural painting highly colored.


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